Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Fractal That Was... But Isn't

I know better. I was a PC technician for 21 years. I've told hundreds of peopole, save your work. So what did I do? I didn't save my work. Drat! Rats! Bummer!

Ultra Fractal is a pretty bullet proof piece of software; thanks for that Frederik. Alas, no piece of software is perfect, and I got the dreaded error message that said your creation is fubarred, gone, kaput.

The image was a good one. The gradients and merge modes were just what I wanted. Then I decided to mess around with the image size. If I made it more vertical... no, no.. maybe square... no, no, too big to decide whether I likes that or not. Then, I just wanted to make it fit better on the screen of my laptop, and it happened.

I did send the error report with an explanation. I did try to recreate what I was doing, but my brain just would not cooperate. Now I have fractaler's block. Nothing looks quite good enough. The colors are all wrong. What is a woman to do?

Maybe this would be a good time to go back to beta testing the rkb formulas.

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